Usually upbeat and happy. Friendly and easy going. I love to take pictures in Second Life and explore. It’s actually where and how the idea for this blog began. Any type of creating, building, cluttering up of areas.. it’s sort of my jam.. . I can get totally lost in building a sim or a scene. Clutter makes the shot.

I believe that everyone has the right to live their Second Life their way. Live and let live.. especially here in this virtual world as long as you cause no harm to others. Be nice to the people around you. You really never know what is going on in their RL that brings them to SL. I have some pretty solid friendships in second life and really consider myself blessed. There are times that they have been the only shoulder I had to lean on.

I co own Shutter Up Poses with my partner Bob. We’d love to see you stop by and enjoy our sim – The Road Less Traveled. I also own a pose store in SL called “What Dreams May Come” – Original Digital Artwork by yours truly.

Outside of these things, I guess I’m just like everyone else in Second Life, just a lost soul looking for something to fill a void.

Hugs and Stuffs


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