Our Vacation at Vhatis

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” —Earl Wilson

Vacations in Second Life are a thing! Who knew right? Recently Bob and I won a 3 nights stay at a swanky new place in second life called “Vhatis” . To say we were excited is an understatement. Lord knows we both needed some time away (mostly from each other). But hey.. you take what you can get.

We checked in the first day around 5PM. We both only brought what we thought we’d need while we were there. After all, it was only a 3 day vacation.

The pool was beautiful and open to use at any time.

The place was simply beautiful. A true tropical island resort. Every one welcomed us warmly and gave us the full tour.

There’s even a temple for your spiritual health.

Beautiful area’s all over the resort to sit and take in cool breeze.

This is where we stayed while on vacation. Super nice little spot on the water with lots of fun furniture.

Breakfast on the house every morning.

Bob really enjoyed the pancakes. They didn’t seen to mind him not wearing pants to breakfast. Nice people.

Mine was a little more on the house than maybe they expected.

Yoga every day. It’s important to stay healthy even when on vacation.

We both did a little day drinking.

Maybe me a little more than him.

The waterslides are amazing. Bob says it’s the best view he’s ever had..

Lots of things to do to keep us busy. Of course Bob being Bob was mostly good of course.. I did have to help him get back inline a little.

We both enjoyed some time in the water.

Their underwater features were simply beautiful!

Fishing was good.

I even did a little cliff diving.

Spent a little time watching the world go by with my honey.

For a little extra they’ll even set up a romantic dinner for two.

The scenery often left us simply breathless.

On our last night.. we went all out and had a little fancy dining… and another couple of drinks.

Checkout was a little more than we expected. With all the extra stuff that we got while we were there it seems I ended up with more luggage leaving than when I came.

We left this place with many adventures, more luggage, and sunburns, but the biggest thing will take with us are the memories.

Thank you so much Vhatis for your hospitality and the care you took in making such a beautiful place in second life.

Vhatis will be opening this Sunday 4/18/21. You can contact them by checking out their website.

Check them out on Facebook and on Flickr.

Until next time. I hope you’re all living your best Second Life

Hugs and Stuffs


In Tribute

Second Life is a place for a lot of things. Some are good. Some are bad. Right now Second Life is doing something amazing.

Relay For Life is the ultimate team fundraiser for the American Cancer Society that brings communities together to fight cancer. It’s an opportunity for us to remember loved ones lost and honor survivors of all cancers.

Relay For Life of Second Life is the largest virtual event in the world and in 2020 was ranked 5th among more than 5000 Relay for Life events. Since 2004, Relay for Life of SL has raised more than ONE BILLION LINDENS. THATS MORE THAN $4 MILLION DOLLARS in support of the American Cancer Society.

This year our goal is lofty but we feel realistic in hitting our overall Relay for Life goal of $300,000.00

In Memory , In Honor of those who didn’t win . .. and in Hope
that one day there will be a generation untouched by cancer..

In Honor of my Ashley

Time stood still as I walked into your room.

The air seemed to leave my body in one heaving breath.

The light around you was dim. Your light was dim.

My heart broke as I stood and watched you.

My soul screamed in pain, denial and anger as you looked up at me.

Memories of us raced through my mind as hateful tears came without permission.

A lifetime of love was supposed to be longer my friend. We were supposed to grow old together. We were supposed to terrorize the nursing homes together…

This is how I picture you now.. waiting.. in a place where we can sit and catch up. Until that time..

You are missed and forever loved.

Thank you so much to all the the vendors who contribute to the Home and Garden Expo.

Spring flowering in rocks Nature Scene

.:Tm:.Creation MAIN STORE

Overgrown Tea – Pavilion

  • Beanbag Couch
  • Crate table
    -Ficus Alii MESH potted plant
  • Green tea set MESH
    -Round wicker rug


Both Items can be found in the Hope 9 District at the Home and Garden Expo


Home Home on the Range

Looking for a home for both you and your horses? This one is perfect!

The Horse Ranch Homestead, built and released for the SL H&G Expo 2021.

Included are a Barn House, Large Barn, Small Barn with Tack Room & Stall, Single Stalls, Paddock, the Horse Care Pack (with decor and versions for Teegle horse interaction), a full set of the Hay Bales, a vast variety of gardening equipment, landscaping decor & plants.

All brought to you by RVi Design

Located in Hope 9 – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hope%209/138/127/23

You can also check out their mainstore here – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Denfelir/47/100/23

Cold Cold Winter

“It sure been a cold, cold winter
My feet been draggin’ ‘cross the ground
And the fields has all been brown and fallow
And the springtime take a long way around”


…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Sienna -Gown-
Available at the #BIGGIRL Event
December 15th to January 5th.

…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… MainStore

Photo taken at Winter Love Valley

Rezz with group join. Free group.


How like a winter hath my absence been
From thee, the pleasure of the fleeting year!
What freezings have I felt, what dark days seen!
What old December’s bareness everywhere!

GOOSE – Potted pine trees
Last Day at Cosmopolitan Event.
Cosmo Event

Goose MainStore

DJ.SF – Decor Junction – Shutter
Winter Sled and DJ.SF Winter Ladder

DJ.SF – Decor Junction – Shutter MainStore

Polar Bear Baby By Rezz Room
Rezz Room MainSTore