You’ve gotta Friend in me

Midnyte Creations BFF Pose
Available at The Audicity Event Until November 23.

BFF Bento Pose Set
3 separate packs each containing 4 bento F/F poses set in a pose stand with hide/show and easy to use adjust menu.
Full pack includes all 12 BFF Poses in a pose stand with hide/show and easy to use adjust menu.
Audicity Event

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Keep me company

I’d Like to buy the world a coke

[Cinnamon Cocaine ] Marshmallow Pack

Available at the Liaison Collaborative
Round of Bonfire Bash!
Opens Nov 3rd closes on the 26th 2020.Will be in the store after that.

Liaison Collaborative
Cinnamon Cocaine Mainstore

Pup By[Rezz Room] Shiba Inu Adult Animesh (Companion)

Rezz Room Mainstore

Cooler and Soda by Junkfood

Battle Wounds


Everyone fights their own battles. I fight mine when I sleep. I can redirect my mind during the day and refuse to think about things in my past that tried to break me..

Sleep does not give me that option. My mind seems to wanna do it’s own thing when i close my eyes to dream. Some days it’s an effort just to be …no matter how great things are in all other parts of my life..

There are times.. that the past drags me back into bed with it in an effort to destroy me. Engulfs me in sadness and fear. Taunting me.. Reminding me that I am nothing.. I am nobody.. .. and unworthy of love or kindness. .. Broken.. and Bruised….

It doesn’t last.. but it does happen. Last night.. was that night.. today .. is the morning after .. where I’m fighting just to be..