Family Tradition

“Bob, It’s family tradition. All the new people get lunchables. You are not this level player yet….” Family Tradition Scene set with items by Junk Food.Junk Food – Banana SplitJunk Food – Birthday CupcakesJunk Food – Little ChugsJunk Food – LunchiesJunk Food – Kids Picnic Table Junk Food Main Store Junk Food MP FB Flickr

Mucho Margarita

Sometimes you have to surround yourself with friends! Waah Waah Junk Food – “Mucho Margarita” comes in 10 flavors including rainbow and bento hold animations for either hand. Junk Food In-World (New sim, it’s like Disney but for foodies!): @ Junk Food MP: @ Junk Food on FB: @ Junk Food Flickr: @