Mystery Mansion

DRD Mainstore


DRD – MM2 – Mystery Mansion
DRD – MM1 – Old Flowerpot
DRD – MM2 – Jaimy’s Pile of Junk
DRD – Rustic Garden
DRD – MM2 – Haunted Coffee Table
DRD – MM2 – Couch
DRD – MM2 – Small Cabine
DRD – MM2 – Book Island
DRD – MM2 – Old Rug
DRD – MM2 – Shelf
DRD – MM2 – Haunted Bookcase
DRD- MM2 – Haunted Dining Table
DRD – MM2 – Haunted Chair
DRD – MM2 – Kitchen stove
DRD – MM2 – Pantry Shel
DRD – MM2 – Haunted Creepy Clown
DRD – MM2 – Haunted Creepy Clown
DRD – MM1 – Ouija Board – Haunted
DRD – MM1 – Library Book Pile
DRD – MM1 – Library Table
DRD – MM2 – Frames
DRD – MM2 – Haunted Fake Door
DRD – MM1 – Haunted Piano
DRD – MM2 – Haunted Puppet Theatre
DRD – MM2 – Kids Bedroom – Cabinet
DRD – MM2 – Kids Bedroom – Bed
DRD – MM2 – Toys – Haunted Rocking Horse
DRD – MM2 – Toys – Alphabet Blocks
DRD – MM2 – Toys – Blocks
DRD – MM2 – Hanging Dolls
DRD – MM2 – Bed
DRD – MM2 – Cabinet
DRD – MM2 – Lounge
DRD – Forgotten Attic – Wedding Dress

Yay! Sports Ball!

“I don’t know if they just scored a home run or a basket but he seems pissed. I’ll just stick to the food and beer. Maybe he’ll remember he has a gf when sports ball is over.. “

Junk Food – Surfing Guys Pizza
Junk Food – Slorona Tub
Junk Food – Football Cooler
Junk Food – Bologna Sandwich
Junk Food – Unhappy Meal
Junk Food – Taco Tray
Junk Food – Chopped Cheese
Junk Food – Galatic Brownie

Junk Food Main Store

Junk Food MP

Are you ready for some Football? I know I am! So throw down this Football Cooler for any coming games this season. 9li Cooler click for male/female/held cans of beer. Demo at the event!

Cozy Home

FLF 13th Birthday Bash gift for the FLF group – can be found in the cactus by our booth at the event (need to be in the free FLF group to collect the gifts) Event opens 8/12 at 12pm SLT and closes on Sept 2nd


Paradise House Plants – Set of 3 – new at the FLF 13th Birthday Bash. Event opens 8/12 at 12pm SLT and closes on Sept 2nd. Each plant comes with a choice of base – ceramic pot/ woven basket or rattan planter

Iced Tea Serving Set for Fifty Linden Friday 8/12. Dispenses ice tea (bento drink or hold). 2 versions of the tray included – other one has 2 glasses on instead of the lemon. Will be available in the mainstore & Marketplace too.

What Next Mainstore

What next MP

Mucho Margarita

Sometimes you have to surround yourself with friends!

Waah Waah

Junk Food – “Mucho Margarita” comes in 10 flavors including rainbow and bento hold animations for either hand.

Junk Food In-World (New sim, it’s like Disney but for foodies!):


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Late for Work

Yes Bob, I have everything, Purse, Keys, Coffee.. I do not think I have forgotten anything. I will call you on the road.. I love you .. have a good day… (Lord its too early and I’ve not had enough coffee for his mess this morning)


Pose by Something New Props and Poses. – Disposable Coffee

DUBAI Event 20th June- 10th July New Release single pose & prop

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