The Shed.

She had not meant to do it. She had not intended to do it… but before she knew it.. She had done it.
Abigail was a happy fun loving girl who lived on a beautiful beach called “The Cove” . She had a good life there. She often spent time with her friends laughing and joking around. She was absolutely the funiest girl she knew. Her guy was Bob. Not just any Bob, but THE BOB. He was almost as funny as she was sometimes but often fell short just a hair. She mostly chalked it up to his advanced age. Most days they were a happy couple. Often laughing until their bellies hurt. Times were good, they were good together.
One afternoon while sitting at The Cove with friends, doing what they often did, Bob began to act strange. No matter what Abi did she couldnt seem to drag him out of his weirdness. He thought he was being funny. She tried for a while to just ignore it, but her frustration built. Poor Bob, he made a fatal mistake. A final mistake. One that he would not live to regret…You just dont tell a girl that her butt is big.. . All that is left is to hide the body now.. She had not meant to do it, She had not intended to do it.. but before she knew it.. it was done..

Background items can befound inworld Code 8
Items include
Planters with flowers
Bird House
Welcome Mat

Published by Abi

Friendly and somewhat outgoing. I love people and love to laugh. Taking pictures and exploring are what I enjoy most in Secondlife. Co-Owner of Shutter Up Poses and What Dreams May Come.

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