Lemongrass for Sheriff

Let’s Make SL Great Again!

Hi there. I am Abigail Lemongrass. I come to you on a platform for making Second Life great again. My main goal in Second Life is to insure that fun times are had and everyone stays safe.

Who is Abigail though? Well she is a friend to many. Someone you can count on to meet your expectations.

(Car pictured is the [AM] Cinque Mark II by [amc] and can be found be found in world at [amc] or on the MP )

Keeping you and your loved ones safe is just part of what she does. This punk should’ve exercised his right to remain silent.

(Shout out to Mother Road for the fantastic sim. )

She is an role model to our youth. “You must extend your legs when you twerk”

(New to me Sim with lots of great spots for snapping shots. Thanks Motorheadz Cafe/ Route66! )

She supports local business. “One of these.. and these.. oh.. and a couple of these.. This should get me through the weekend”

She is always wiling to help those in need. “Did you get the shot?”

She pledges to protect and serve ” Hurry up so we can get a donut while they are hot”

Abigail is a fun loving free spirit that will always be here for you in your times of need. She cant really make Second Life any better for you. She cant lower the cost of a premium membership. She cant get a free mesh head or a free mesh body. Voting for Abigail will not make your life any better. Heck.. who are we kidding.. there isnt even an election.. I just wanted to take some pictures and show off a cool car that I’m blogging for. You wanna make Second Life great again? Have fun! Explore! Meet new people, Be friendly.. but above all.. do no harm!

X’s and O’s from across the grid



Published by Abi

Friendly and somewhat outgoing. I love people and love to laugh. Taking pictures and exploring are what I enjoy most in Secondlife. Co-Owner of Shutter Up Poses and What Dreams May Come.

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