Relay For Life – Go team One More Light!

I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in Relay For Life for the first time yesterday. I must tell you that I was touched by the amount of support that I saw displayed by both Second Life and the residents of Second Life. After this experience I know that I will always participate in this event in the future.

I worked with a team “One More Light” They are a SL group who supports mental health. As my friends know, I am a mental health nurse so this particular group is an important one to me. Special thanks to Bob and Trish for all they do for the mental health world!

People amaze me with their talent and creativity. There were so many wonderful builds there. I struggle to put into words how impressed I was with the things that I saw. This particular build touched me to the point of tears. In years past I’ve been a hospice nurse. As a hospice nurse I only had one pediatric patient who was terminal. That patient will forever be a part of my heart and this build reminded me so much of him.

Above and beyond that was the amount of support that I saw. People gave of their time without reserve for this cause. Relay for Life is something that is done yearly in Second Life. Every dollar donated goes directly to the organization in RL. The Second Life Relay team doesnt earn a penny doing this. This year the amount of money earned was right at $300,000 .. that’s real life money.. not L’s. Another cool fact.. Second Life donates all the land used for this event free of charge. Like 14ish sims I think? Way to go Second Life!

Throughout the day they had such fun themes. One of those themes were skates. I got an opportunity to use one of the things that I blog for for this particular event. Thought it was pretty cool that it came along just at the right time.

:::FurtaCor Female::CSH

Cruel Summer Hunt : June 1-14

10 Items Total.

:::FurtaCor::Headphones (CSH)
:::FurtaCor:::CSH Roller Skates – #8
:::FurtaCor:::CSH:::Top – #1
:::FurtaCor:::CSH::Shorts – #7
:::FurtaCor:::Armbands and Socks are appliers – #8
:::FurtaCor::Headphones – #10

▲ F L I C K R
▲ F L I C K R G R O U P
▲ F A C E B O O K P A G E
▲ M A R K E T P L A C E
▲ L AN D

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