The Courage to Change ..

For years I have been a die hard Catwa and Maitreya user. I probably have most of the bodies and heads.. made in second life. I would try them on and become discouraged with making a new shape for them.

Recently I met a woman in SL who made shapes for the Lelutka head and I thought I’d buy one of her shapes and give it a shot again. I am very pleased with the results that I got! Each of her shapes comes with it’s own style card so that the look you see can be accomplished. I will say that the body I shaped myself but the head and the style is all her. If you’re looking for something pretty friggin amazing you’d do well to check out what she has. She is definitely a shape maker that is worth watching.


Shape and Style by
M A G N ✿ L I A

❀ ❀ Stevie Shape ❀ ❀

♥ ♥ Please note: You must follow the style card to achieve the look ♥ ♥

Mesh Head & Body, not included

You will receive

♥ Shape
♥ Style Card
♥ Brow
♥ Physics

Full Body View

Copy / Modify


Market Place

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