Friendship Valley 2020

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

I got the chance to attend a music festival this weekend. Here The music was great and the atomosphere was super friendly.

I was unsure exactly who put this festival on or if it was something that was a regular weekly type event. I set out on a quest to find out (Not really. I really just asked a friend who told me what they knew) I spoke with a real peach named Dizzy. Here is what she had to say.

“What we call Friendship Valley is the little town we built here in Cleora region, parts of Ribeata region and in Torva, Parva and Miata regions along Route 1 here. We also have other ‘hub’ locations like Friendship Bay where we hang out. Hedonism Club isn’t a place but a social club that puts on the festivals (and other events) but some of our places like the valley and bay and such are more or less permanent :)”

So she kindly passed along to me some links which I will share here.
Friendship Manor
Friendship Bay

As most of my friends know .. the scene is everything.. and this place did not come up wanting. I loved the effort put into ensuring the perfection of the smallest details.

The lineup was planned..

The stage was set..

The food.. was perfection..

All the chicks were out to see the events.

Refreshments anyone?

And after all was said and done?.. Couldn’t make it home? That’s ok.. they had accommodations for sleeping as well!

Over all it was a weekend worth remembering!!

Extra shameless Pictures of myself.. well because thats how I roll…

X’s and O’s from accross the grid!

Love always


I started off with the best of intentions..

Oh it’s that time fo the week again! Time to shop! What better way to do it than to go in style! So I jumped into my new car by [amc] and headed out.

Along the way I passed through this pleasant little town called Mother Roads. The police here must’ve known I was in a hurry to get about my shopping. They were most helpful with this personal escort through the town. They did follow me for a while which I thought was over kill. Oh and the hellicopter was a bit much but very friendly none the less.

Something.. who knows what.. went a little crazy with my car. I got the strangest look from the tow truck guy when I asked him if maybe the car was out of blinker fluid.

The nice man did hook my car up and take it to the nearest gas station for me. I had to call home for help.. and of course he was no help at all because I still dont understand what checking the oil has to do with Fifty Linden Friday. I guess that I will settle for TP’ing around and of course the MP.. I did set out with the best of intentiosn today! Happy Shopping everyone!

Car by [amc] You can find them inworld at Inworld or on the MP. Super cool car comes with a ton of options and fun to drive.

Included in package – Car Rezzer, Gas pump Rezzer, Route 66 sign and of course the car.

Special thanks to my friend Trish who always opens her sim up to those in need of place to take a snazzy picture and to Mother Roads, who always provides such a beautiful backdrop!

The Shed.

She had not meant to do it. She had not intended to do it… but before she knew it.. She had done it.
Abigail was a happy fun loving girl who lived on a beautiful beach called “The Cove” . She had a good life there. She often spent time with her friends laughing and joking around. She was absolutely the funiest girl she knew. Her guy was Bob. Not just any Bob, but THE BOB. He was almost as funny as she was sometimes but often fell short just a hair. She mostly chalked it up to his advanced age. Most days they were a happy couple. Often laughing until their bellies hurt. Times were good, they were good together.
One afternoon while sitting at The Cove with friends, doing what they often did, Bob began to act strange. No matter what Abi did she couldnt seem to drag him out of his weirdness. He thought he was being funny. She tried for a while to just ignore it, but her frustration built. Poor Bob, he made a fatal mistake. A final mistake. One that he would not live to regret…You just dont tell a girl that her butt is big.. . All that is left is to hide the body now.. She had not meant to do it, She had not intended to do it.. but before she knew it.. it was done..

Background items can befound inworld Code 8
Items include
Planters with flowers
Bird House
Welcome Mat

When all you give .. isnt enough.

I am a nurse in RL. The picture’s I’ve seen others do depicting our worlds current situation always touch my heart so I decided to do one of my own.

You may not know this but nurses have given their all long before this world crisis started. Most of us love our jobs and do the job because we have a passion for helping and loving others. It’s what makes our job “doable” for us.

On an average day I will get attacked both verbally and physically. I may laugh with someone who has forgotten their own name and I may shed a tear for a family member who is left watching as their loved one slips into a person they do not recognize. I’ve held many hands as they took their last breath in this world. It really never gets any easier to watch a family lose someone they love. As nurses we give everything we are to our jobs. We take it personal when our patients aren’t doing well. Believe me when I tell you that each person who passes on our shift.. is mourned.

To say this job is hard is a harsh understatement. The current situation has only made it more difficult. Thank you to all my fellow nurses who serve so willingly. Thank you for doing a job that is often thankless. Thank you for “playing cards” Thank you for wearing your “Dr’s. Stethoscope” . Nurse to nurse… I see you.. and I thank you..

Love always


[Rosa Scotia]

“A small island from back in time filled with wondrous decor; a great place to hangout! Marvel over event and gacha treasures arranged in an artistic way. Relaxing photogenic coastal paradise with old time charm. Photography encouraged, family friendly!”

A Pretty little sim with lots of charm and personality. Rez rights with a group join. Great for pictures.

Club Apothoesis

Play without restraints. Meet like minded people or bring them along.
Flirting, teasing, swinging and living all these kinky fantasies you wouldn’t even dare to mention elsewhere.

“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”

― C.S. Lewis, 

I happened upon this club a few years back through very weird cirucumstances. What I wasnt expecting was finding and falling in love with the poeple who own this place. I have been in Second Life for probably 13 years overall and have yet to find people any nicer than these. Not only are they just kind to everyone who lands at their place but the activities they host there never leave me disapointed. Everyone is greeted with a warm smile and made feel like family. It’s a group definately worth joining and a family anyone in SL would be privilaged to be part of. So if you’re out exploring you might wanna stop by and check them out. If you’re lucky they may have a rental empty.

Happy Blogging

Hugs and Stuffs


Dya’s – Scent of the Carabian

Feel the good vibes and the rhythm of Reggae. Long beaches, romantic spots and various places for photographers. Good place for biker and horseman. Everyone is welcome

I had the opportunity to visit this sweet little sim tonight and take some pictures. Rez rights to group memebers so for all of you who use anypose, it’s a real sweet deal. I think the pictures speak for themselves! It’s deffinately a place worth visiting.

The Cove

The Cove is a voice friendly beach in Second Life where friends come together to socialize, take pictures and laugh until their bellies hurt. I am privileged to call these people my friends.  If friends were jewels I’d be wealthy beyond measure. Some have been friends for years and some are new found friends.  Regardless, each make this virtual world a wonderful place to be.  Please feel free to stop in and see us. We are always looking for new friends to add to the mix.

The Dirty Grind..

Sometimes you run across a place that  just leaves you speechless. Tonight was that. The Dirty Grind was just that for me tonight. I know I spent at very least an hour there. The DIrty Grind 2

I even broke out a special avi just for this sim because I wanted to be able to explore without worrying about lag. This is a Dinkie . You can get one here. Dinki.

I set out and tried my best to explore every inch of this sim. The amount of detail they put into this sim is amazing. My pictures dont really do it justice! Artistic little place. From what I could tell there also have live music a few nights a week.  Its a must visit place on my list. I will be going back on my next night off to see what all I missed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course I had to slip in a picture of me in my new steampunk outfit 😛

Well folks… my time off has come to an end… Until next time…


Happy Snapping




Life is Good…

I love Second Life and I love the opportunity it gives to explore worlds otherwise untouchable by some. I visited THREE awesome places tonight. The first was called Pine Lake. Low lag.. very picturesque.. Sort of an apocalyptic feel to it. Great place for pictures.  Sorta weirdish vibe.. but then again I have a sorta weirdish vibe myself so of course I was into it. The second place, Pelican Point, was very retro. I got a new gacha dress today so it was a perfect place to flaunt my stuff. The third and final place is called Devin. This one was probably my favorite. I initially chose it because it looked like there may be wild life there… although I didnt find any wild life.. I did find LOTS and LOTS of great spots for pictures.  I’ll chalk tonight up as a successful jaunt around SL. I hope that this post  finds you well and looking for adventures in SL!


Happy Shooting