Ironwood Hills…

Ironwood Hills  Ironwood Hills  is a post-apocalypse sim ravaged by time and nature.” This is an oldie but a goodie. I love this sim. However… its  VERY laggy. As you see I only got one picture while I was there because my computer struggled just to catch a breath. Would’ve loved to have spent more time on the sim but the lag is just over the top… Still a great place for pictures if your graphics can keep up.

Happy Shooting



Postcards from Second Life…

Like so many people in SL, I love taking pictures. SL has so many beautiful places to feed into our photography addiction. With that in mind I decided to start doing a postcard series. Maybe a few places a week. I work a lot of hours in RL so saying i’ll do it more frequently than that would be unrealistic. When visiting all these great locations the one thing that I recommend is setting your windlight settings to Estate time and get a feel for what the creator of that sim was going for! Above all… have fun!


First place  – Andrui 

My first thought was … Oh cool date spot! Low on lag and beautiful background for pictures! I’m glad I found this little spot. I look forward to visiting there again! I got three different shots there.

Happy Snapping,



Postcards from around SL - Anduril 1Postcards from around SL - Anduril 2Postcards from around SL - Anduril 3

It’s been a long long time…

So it’s been a good long while since I’ve been here.  Life just gets busy at times and you forget that you have things like this to go to.  Life has been busy.. and somewhat traumatic this past year but I’m back and loving life taking pictures again! I’ve also started making and selling some poses. I’m dabbling in the hell they call Blender as well… Lets just say… Blender and I are not friends as of yet… more to come on that at a later date … maybe. Other than that … life is good… We are still living it up in SL as the The Crow’s in our SL Home. … Feel free to stop by and see us. Happy Blogging…

Love and stuff


A little bit of Nice goes a long way…

Well its been about a week since I posted. We’ve been moving sim’s. We love our new Sim. A  big fat shout out ( and a sloppy wet kiss )  to Secondlifestyles Estates. They have gone above and beyond to make our transition as smooth as possible. They have been so super nice to us and I gotta tell ya… that has made a world of difference. I wont mention our previous sim owners by name but I must say they leave a lot to be desired. It was such a disappointment to be treated so poorly after renting from them for over a year. We rent a whole sim… so as you know thats a great deal of money to put out … and to be treated poorly. Anyhow… we couldnt be happier now with what we have. We’d love for you to stop by and visit our shops and enjoy the sim that we’ve put together. We have a shape store that will make ya so sexy that all ya friends will be jealous and stuffs…  , a photo studio that offers free photo’s of anything that you do there yourself. Various other shops… a club… cars, bikes, motorcycles … and oh yeah… US!!! So feel free to visit! Crows Landing warrior